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None more black:

”Dialogue in the Dark is one of the most extraordinary exhibitions I have attended. It is something that started in Hamburg and has been set up all round the world; a series of pitch-dark environments, where you have to rely on what you can hear and feel, and are guided by a blind guide.

There is of course a benefit to the guides – they are employed, and they are in a situation where they are empowered and the sighted people they guide are dis-empowered. But somehow there is a great benefit also to the people being guided. You have to focus absolutely on where you are, on taking the next step into the dark, on understanding the information your other senses are conveying to you. You have to rely completely on the kindness of a stranger. I was so relieved, and so sad, when the first bit of light showed at the end of the tour.

It puts things into perspective. My guide lives in Pretoria, and travels with his dog on Metrorail to Joburg!! I find Park Station quite intimidating as a sighted person; think about what it must be like if you can’t see.”
- Gillian Godsell, Jozi 

"I have just found a world inside myself"
-Darryl, Jozi

"Sighted people become aware of the potential of blind people by discovering their own humanity in the dark..."
-Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Germany

"A space aiming to let sighted people experience the rich world of those who live in darkness."
-Correio Popular, Brazil

"Surprising and exciting. You reveal four out of your five senses."
-Yedioth Ahronoth, Israel

"An experience you must live."
-Le Monde, France

"Although this exhibition seemingly does not exhibit anything, it teaches us, who are swallowed up by images, how to see reality through the darkness."
-Corriere della Sera, Italy

"We saw so little and we learned so much."
-Exhibition Guest

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