Experience an extraordinary exhibition that provokes a change in perspectives. Dialogue in the Dark is a specially constructed and totally darkened exhibition where sounds, wind, temperatures and textures convey the characteristics of daily environments such as a park, city or a cafe. In a complete reversal of roles, visitors are provided with a sense of security and orientation by their blind or partially sighted guides.

Dialogue in the Dark was started by social entrepreneur Andreas Heinecke in 1988 and has been experienced by 6.5 million visitors in over 30 countries, providing employment and empowerment for 6,000 blind people.

The South African National Council for the Blind is proud to bring you 'Dialogue in the Dark'. This dynamic, learning exhibition, opened in August 2011 and will run until August 2012, gives sighted people insight into the world of blindness. It will be held at the Sci Bono Discovery Centre in Johannesburg and is sponsored by Standard Bank.


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